Road Trip Vs. Flying: Why Road Trips are Better & Cheaper

Road Trip Vs. Flying: Why Road Trips are Better & Cheaper
Road Trip Vs. Flying: Why Road Trips are Better & Cheaper - Photo: Pixabay

We live in a time when gasoline is becoming more expensive and flights are becoming more affordable at times. On one hand, road trips are better and because they allow you to explore at your own pace. On the other hand, flying will get you to your destination faster. There are some factors to keep in mind before deciding whether to drive or hop on a flight.

In my opinion and my own experience whenever you decide to travel and you are a group of 4-5 people then driving is my go to choice. Why so? Because driving with your group of friends is way more fun. But if you are traveling alone then I would choose flying because it might be cheaper than driving.

There are several factors which should be counted before choosing which alternative to choose.

Road trip cost vs flying

The cost of the trip

The cost factor should also be considered in order to determine which alternative is less expensive. I usually check how many miles it is from one place to another and calculate how much fuel I’d have to spend, then add the tolls and the cost of accommodation. Meanwhile, flying can be one single trip for twice the price I’d pay if I went somewhere by car. Then you have to add the taxi that you have to take from the airport to your destination, or the rental car. So, if you do the math correctly, you will have a result on which to choose in a short time.


When I'm on a road trip, I enjoy driving and blasting music, and I enjoy singing along. It is always better to drive with good company and stop to see different places along the way. And, while flying can be inconvenient at times due to schedule changes, it can also get you anywhere quickly when you don't have much time to plan.


Purchasing a plane ticket obligates you to fly at that specific time and date. Furthermore, if you book it in advance and something comes up and you have to change your time and date, that is a huge hassle. When you drive, you have control over what happens and when it happens.


Your car does not have a 20kg baggage policy, and if you go over, you will be charged an additional $40. On a road trip, it is possible to overpack.

Why road trip vs flying

Drivers are in control

I find it peaceful to know that I am in control. Road trips give me this power of wanderlust in a way nothing else does. You do not have to worry about who sits next to you, what you are doing wrong or how to handle people staring at you if you are singing at the top of your lungs. I’d always choose a road trip instead of a flight.

No security

Can you close your eyes for a moment and picture those absurdly long queues filled with annoyed and stressed-out individuals who must remove their belts? Well, nobody forces you take off your shoes or your belt during a road trip. That is complete independence in my opinion.

Less pressure

Let's think outside the box. When it comes to flying, there is a lot of pressure. You start stressing about whether you'll arrive on time as soon as you wake up. Have you brought everything you need? What if you are close to the airport, you forget your passport, and your flight is in 20 minutes?

There is pressure on road trips, of course, but you have time. Nobody else's schedule affects yours.

Is it cheaper to fly or drive cross country

In this comparison I have taken between road travel vs air travel, I have to include the cheapest option.


Deciding between flying vs driving necessitates weighing multiple factors to determine which is more important to you.

Are you concerned about the cost? What about the money? Alternatively, the time you'll arrive at your destination. The environmental cost should also be taken into account because your decision will increase your carbon footprint.

Lets do the math:

  1. Are you traveling solo or with other people? How many people are you traveling with?
  2. What is the cost of fuel? If you don’t drive an electric vehicle, your fuel expenses vary depending on the price of the market at the moment.
  3. Environmental costs are also very important. Air travel is sometimes more environmentally friendly than driving.
  4. Will you need a vehicle at your destination? Do you have to rent one?
  5. How much time do you have ahead of you? Because you will choose which one is better for you when you know how much availability you have to plan and what you want to do with your time.

If your mind is racing and you're unsure what to do, I recommend downloading a calculator app that calculates the cost of everything when traveling. This will help you decide which option to select.

Why road trips are better than flying overall?

Because road trips are flexible.

  1. You can make a detour at the last minute.
  2. You can stop and stretch your legs at any time.
  3. You can sing along to your favorite tunes out loud.
  4. You can get more comfortable to take a nap.
  5. You can learn new things
  6. You can build stronger relationships with your road trip friends

Also, because you make memories. Nobody remembers that one time they had a lot of fun while on a flight. From the road, on the other hand, you can discover new places, new attractions, new food and new people. Driving keeps you grounded and in the middle of life. Meanwhile, airplanes steal your memories in the name of speed. Choose to slow the world down and explore by giving a new meaning to making memories and having fun.

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